Why Does Coffee Make Me Nauseous?

Why Does Coffee Make Me Nauseous?

There’s nothing worse than having your morning cup of coffee cut short by a pang of nausea. The one thing that’s supposed to make you feel better in the morning, can end up making you feel even worse!

You might be wondering, “why does coffee make me nauseous?” Our article details the reasons why this delicious drink is making you sick, and what you can do to stop it.

Caffeine as a Diuretic


Some of us drink coffee for flavour, but all coffee drinkers can attest to the energy boosting benefits the caffeine in coffee has. Unfortunately, the caffeine in coffee can sometimes be the problem causing you nausea.

Caffeine is a diuretic. This means that it encourages the pulling of water from the bloodstream into the digestive system. This process can cause diarrhea and nausea, as it encourages movement in the digestive system. This is also why you often feel like you need to go to the bathroom after drinking coffee.

Acidity in Coffee


Another reason that coffee can cause nausea is its acidity levels. Different coffee roasts have different levels of acidity, but coffee is generally an acidic drink. This extra acidity can irritate the stomach and cause you to feel sick.

In addition to its own acidity levels, coffee is a stimulant which cause the digestive system to work faster, and create more stomach acid. Stimulating the digestive system also causes the stomach muscles to relax, and this can allow acid to leak into the esophagus, further making you feel sick. This process can also contribute to conditions such as acid reflux.

How to Combat the Nausea


So now we know why coffee makes you feel sick. But can a coffee lover still find a way to drink coffee without the negative effects on their stomach?

There are a couple of things you can do to help. First, try to pick a coffee with low acidity. There are many available on the market that can help combat nausea.

Next, never drink coffee on an empty stomach. When your stomach is empty, it is more susceptible to irritation from acid, as there is nothing for the acid to digest. Instead, it irritates your stomach lining.

Finally, it’s important to stay hydrated if you’re going to drink coffee. Drinking lots of water will weaken the harsh effects of coffee on your system. Try drinking a full cup of water in the morning before you reach for the coffee pot.


We can’t deny that coffee is a comforting part of your morning routine. However, we also can’t deny its ability to make you feel sick. But don’t lose hope! With a couple changes to your routine and the choice of a low acidity blend, you’ll be back to drinking coffee nausea free in no time.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any further questions about coffee and nausea. We’ll be sure to respond to your questions as best we can. Happy drinking!