The Top 3 Volcanica Coffee Beans from Africa

The Top 3 Volcanica Coffee Beans from Africa

This one is for the coffee lovers, which we all know is an essential part of our morning, if not daily routine! Coffee has been an essential part of the world’s passion for ages now, nothing beats that morning sip. Whether it’s that dark roast or something more on the light side. According to many researches, coffee from the African beans have been rooted for as the most efficient and most tasteful.

1.Volcanica African Kenya Beans


If you are a coffee lover that loves complex cups of coffee, this one is for you. This Kenyan Coffe Bean grows on the greatest trees in Africa. The Kenyan bean gives coffee lovers the strong and composite taste, along with the smooth flavor to make that cup of coffee just right to start your morning. It may not be the cheapest, but the Kenyan bean will leave you with a taste you won’t forget!

2.Volcanica Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee


Ethopia has always been a homeland for coffee beans. It is one of the largest producers of Coffee in all of Africa. This bean has more acidity than many others, but it leaves you wanting more because of how tasteful it can be. The Ethiopian bean is more on the fruitful side, for people who like coffee a little on the lighter side, but with the same outcome, because it has a more medium-bodied roast.

3.Volcanica Tanzanian Peaberry Coffee


Coffee production is spread all around Africa because of the varied climate change around the continent. Tanzania is known for it’s broad, yet bold flavors of coffee. This bean specifically is more on the darker roast for people who are real coffee drinkers, and are more specific with their coffee, we all know who we are! The Tanzanian bean mixes the flavors of kiwi and chocolate in their beans, how tasty is that?

Coffee is an essential part of our daily routine, and many people around the world have found studies that vary around which coffee bean tastes better than the other. Did you enjoy this list? Coffee lovers, what do you think about this post? Please share your comments and share this article if you liked it!