Nitro Cold Brew At Home

Nitro Cold Brew At Home

Nitro cold brew has become far removed from its Berlin-based auteur roots; A once elusive iced coffee beverage, nitro cold brew seems to be offered by many cafes worldwide. But how has this smooth and foamy drink become so accessible and even more so, can you make it at home?

What Is Nitro Cold Brew?


Nitro cold brew is simply cold brew that has been infused with nitrogen to provide a smooth and silky texture akin to dark beers, unsurprisingly so as infusing nitrogen into beverages originated amongst brewers of the dark beer variety.

Will I Need Any Special Gadgets?


It is possible to purchase a reusable whipped cream dispenser that fits small canisters of nitrogen used to “charge” the cold brew although many of them are suited for nitrogen oxide canisters that create a foamy coffee mess completely devoid of the qualities of nitro cold brew.

To save the hassle it’s best to purchase a dispenser fit for purpose that comes with a collection of nitrogen canisters ready to charge your homemade cold brew into something spectacular. There are various options on the market but something like the Hatfields NitroPress will do you good.

How Do I Make Nitro Cold Brew?


First and foremost you’re going to need to make some cold brew; nitro cold brew dispensers tend to offer the best results when there’s a large volume of cold brew contained within them so make a lot!

Begin by grinding your preferred coffee beans loosely, finely ground beans will leave you with an undesirably cloudy coffee. Add your grounds to any large vessel and add 4 parts of water to every 1 part of the grounds, stir this mixture gently to ensure that all the grounds become submerged in the water. Leave this mixture to steep either inside or outside the fridge for up to 24 hours for a really rich flavour.

Once your brew is ready, dilute it with equal parts water to cold brew and add your desired amount to your preferred dispenser. The fun and final step requires you to secure your nitrogen canister in place and “charge” your cold brew before shaking and pouring it into your glass so you can watch that foam build on the surface of your now nitro cold brew.


Making your own nitro cold brew is just as easy as getting it at your local cafe, this smooth and near milky drink is right at your fingertips or should I say nitrogen charged dispenser.