Nespresso Vertuo vs Original

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original

Nespresso has been renowned as one of the best brands in the pod-brewing scene. In efforts to provide their consumers with a range of coffee brewing options, they added a whole new line to their current Nespresso Original collection, the Nespresso Vertuo. I understand how hard it can be to pick the correct coffee machine from so many choices. So, I have put together this article that compares the machines, from their technology to their pricing, to help you get the right one for your kitchen top!

About the machines


The Nespresso original is a tried and tested machine that has been the flagship product for their brand. The machines themselves have evolved over time with several iterations. This was possible because of the collaboration they had with other companies like Kitchenaid and DeLonghi. There are eight basic segments, that branch out into twelve different machines.


The Veruto line on the other hand is Nespresso’s new inception. The machines are entire made in house. All the machines under the Vertuo line have more or less the same appearance and functionality. This is most likely because the brand is waiting for a positive market response before they are willing to invest into large manufacturing orders that expands their segments. As of now, the Vertuo line has three basic models:

  • The Vertu
  • The VertuoPlus
  • Evoluo

Extraction technology

The two machines use a completely different extraction method to make their coffee.

The original model uses the conventional pressure-based system, as found in common coffee machines. Essentially the machine makes a hole in the top of the capsule and rushes hot water until the bottom bursts. Similar to how a traditional espresso is made, a frothy broth is made.

The Vertuoline uses a “centrifusion” spinning system that spins the capsule at a high speed while pumping hot water into it. The water seeps into the capsule through small holes on the all edges of the capsule, thoroughly infusing with the mixture inside. This process can be a little loud compared to the orginal machine, but makes up its sound through the extra golden crema it leaves at the top of the cup.

Additionally, the Vertuo line comes with a barcode system that instructs the machine for the ideal brewing condition for the particular Nespresso pod used. It alters its temperature, spin time and water pressure according to the manufacture date and the flavor of the product.
Some hardcore coffee drinkers may argue that the extra foam from the Vertuo line is un-authentic and disturbs the coffee experience. But I think that really comes down to a personal choice. Majority of regular coffee drinkers tend to prefer their coffee cup with extra foam.


Between the two, Nespresso Original has a far bigger capsule range available. The capsules aren’t limited to the one produced just by Nespresso, but also extends to the ones available from wide range of third-party sellers. Ever since the patent on cup-shaped style capsules have expired, consumers have really enjoyed their flavor selections.

Although there are plenty of options, including variety packs, the one downside with the original capsules are their limited sizes. The capsules are only available in a three sizes, making it difficult to make concentrated larger drinks. They are:

  • 25ml Ristretto
  • 40ml Expresso
  • 110ml Lungo

The Vertuo line on the other hand make their own uniquely designed dome-shaped capsules. Other third party vendor option are not available since the machine wouldn’t recognize the barcode, therefore not allowing it use the pod. This can limit the number of choices available for the consumer.

But the Vertuo line capsules have learned from their predecessors’ mistake and come with an additional size. The come in three sizes, and allow you to make four drink drinks:

  • 40ml Espresso
  • 150ml Gran Lungo
  • 237ml Mug
  • 414ml Giant mug (or two mugs)


The Original line has a wide range of machines to cater to different budgets, where as the Verto line machines are very similar in prices. Since the machine will be a one-time investment, considering the pod pricing can be a better way to deciding your budget.

As mentioned before, third party pods are available for the original line and tend to be cheaper than the ones produced by Nespresso. But if you are particular about your coffee and enjoy your espresso, you may be willing to spend a little more for the Vertuo line.

Another option for people on a strict budget could be pairing a low-end Original line model machine with an Aeroccino. An Aeroccino is a Nespresso accessory that can increase the milk frothing of the drink. This doesn’t substitute the exact quality produced through a Vertuo line machine, but gets you quite close.

Serving Flexibility

The Vertuo and the original are flexible in different areas. As far as the choice of machines and pods go, the original line has way more options available. The machines models can come in basic models to barista style behemoths that have built-in milk frother. That being said, once you have chosen a coffee machine, the Vertuo machines allow more versatility on a day-to-day basis. Their option to brew both coffee and espresso is one of a kind.


Between the Nespresso Vertuo line and the original, you can find a subtle but distinct when it comes to their coffee taste. All the Nespresso original coffee makers share the same brewing technology, despite their cost, so you can expect taste consistency across all their range. The 19 bars of pressure used during the brewing process wouldn’t give you the quality as compared to espresso machines, but got a speedy alternative – its good enough.

The Vertuo line’s main differentiator is its form crema on both coffee and espresso. Although this is a huge plus, the extra crema need not necessarily contribute better coffee taste. The Vertuo line has lower brewing temperatures programmed within them as compared to the originals. This can affect the final taste – subject to individual preference.


All Nespresso coffee machines, including both the original and the Vertuo line, can last between 5 to 10 years depending on how well you take care of it. Although the Vertuo line hasn’t been on market as long as most of the original ones, their you can best believe that Nespresso have used their tried and tested design expertise in making the machines. By following a good maintenance regime, you can easily get your coffee machine to produce good coffee for about 10 years.

Cleaning your machine

All Nespresso machines, including both the original and the Virtue line, offer a ‘descaling’ feature that helps with the machine maintenance. Ensure to learn the appropriate descaling steps according to the machine you order. Apart from the different the command codes are different according to the machine, there is not much difference in terms of cleaning requirements from both the lines.

That being said, there are certain models in both the models, that come with a stainless-steel exterior. This can help with keeping your machine look shiny with a simple wipe down, regardless of any spills or dirt accumulation that can set in over time.


As mentioned before, Nespresso is a very valued brand worldwide. Their commitment to producing coffee machines with great quality do not deter from their product lines. When talking about these two lines, its difficult to say one performs inherently better than the other. Both the Original and the Vertuo machines give coffee makers a convenient, user-friendly and durable end product.


The choice of choosing the Original or Vertuo machine, really comes down to what you are looking for in your coffee habit. If you are looking for an authentic espresso experience, enjoy the different flavors and have a limited budget you may choose the original machine in your safe bet. Or, if you love your usual americano or filter coffee mugful, and don’t mind spending extra for the froth – the Vertuo line can set you right. Ensure to browse through the Nespresso website to select the small feature differences between the models to best fit your need.

Hope this article has been fruitful in helping you decide your Nespresso machine, please feel free to leave a comment below!


What is the best Nespresso machine?

You first need to decide what you want from your coffee maker. From the original line, the best performing seem to be CitiZ by De’Longhi. It’s been on the market for a long time – its tried and tested 19 bar pressure system comes in a compact frame with a nice design.

What is the difference between Nespresso and Keurig?

The brands cater to completely different consumers. Nespresso machines aims to please consumers looking for an original espresso experience, while Keurig machines cater to a more drip coffee style.

Can you reuse a Nespresso Capsule?

In the original line, yes. You can re-use the capsule from the discarded bin, by placing it back in the brew head. Its perfect if you don’t mind a weaker brew, it can still be tasty and drinkable.

In the Vertuo line, no. The pods are barcoded, and get completely disfigured by the time the extraction process is done.

What is the difference between Vertuo and VertuPlus?

Honestly, not much. The Vertuo plus is just a little larger, with a stronger engine and more expensive. They have the same extraction system and are very similar design, making it very subtle to find any difference.