Is Low Acid Coffee Better for Me?

Is Low Acid Coffee Better for Me?

We all have our reasons for what makes a cup of coffee such an important part of our mornings.

Coffee has many health benefits that include decreasing the risk of dementia and heart disease. But for some of you that might have digestive issues, it doesn’t have to one or the other.

High coffee acidity can increase GERD symptoms, cause acid reflux, or cause an irritation in the stomach due to an increased concentration of acid.

This is why, if you have a delicate digestive system, low acid coffee can be a great solution for any unwanted coffee acid repercussions.

What is Low Acid Coffee?


When we talk about coffee acidity, we’re referring to much more than just the pH level.

Coffee acidity is considered one of the basic taste profiles of coffee next to body, aroma, and bitterness.

And though it might have its caveats, it’s not considered a bad thing: acid in coffee usually attributes to its brightness and the enhancement of its flavor.

Factors like climate, roast level, bean type and how it was processed, and growth latitude can affect the level of acidity in coffee.


Bringing back the point of growth latitude, growing coffee beans at low altitudes helps bring out less acids during the growing process.

For that reason, some of the best low-acid coffee beans come from places like Brazil, Sumatra, and Nicaragua.


The most common method used to process and brew low-acid coffee is called “dry processing”. It is mostly used in dry regions, and helps bring out sweet and earthy flavors from the coffee.

Dry processing, also known as ‘natural’ processing, exposes newly picked coffee fruit to the sun for a few days until it is dried out.

Then, a hulling machine peels off the outer layer of the fruit after it has been stored for some time after drying.

Roast Level

You can also control the level of acidity in coffee depending on how you roast it.

The longer your beans are roasted, the more acids will burn.

This is why darker roasts generally have lower acidity than lighter roasts – they get roasted for longer, so more of the acid has been burnt off in the roasting process.

Minimizing the Acidity of Coffee


There’s a couple of things you can do to neutralize the acidity in coffee, beginning from when it is being processed, to when you make your own cup at home.

Firstly, mixing the soil in which the coffee beans grow with stomach-soothing powder can help yield coffee that is relatively lower in acidity.

Moreover, here are some things you can try at home to reduce the effects of acid in coffee:

  1. Brewing coffee with a filter paper can help absorb some of the acids
  2. Using milk to help balance out the pH level
  3. Adding about ¼ teaspoon of baking soda to your cup of coffee can also help neutralize the acidity

Why is Drinking Low Acid Coffee Good for You?


Low acid coffee could be a good option because it poses less of a risk to upset your stomach.

Our stomachs already have acid, which it uses to digest food.

Highly acidic foods or drinks increase the concentration of acids in the stomach, which could lead to you getting acid reflux or irritation in your stomach.

When you consume low acid coffee instead, you decrease the amount of acid that gets into your stomach, lowering your risk for any digestive irritations.

Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

  • Ideal for people who have sensitive stomachs or delicate digestive systems, and those who suffer from acid reflux
  • It has less of an effect on your teeth and protects tooth enamel more
  • An excellent option for those who are lactose intolerant or have celiac diseases
  • Reduces inflammation that could be caused by regular coffee
  • Helps prevent muscle soreness after heavy workouts


Coffee has heaps of health benefits we can all benefit from.

But low acid coffee is a blessing for those who have to watch out for any extra acidity intake!

If you’re looking for suggestions for good low acid coffee, we’ve listed some of the best brands on the market here.

Whatever type of coffee is best for you, we hope that you get to find the one that comes with the least repercussions.