How to Turn Off the “Flashing Clean” Light on Mr. Coffee

How to Turn Off the “Flashing Clean” Light on Mr. Coffee

If you’ve got a Mr. Coffee machine, chances are you’re satisfied with your purchase. These machines are excellent basic coffee machines for a home or office environment, and reliably produce a good cup of coffee to start your day with.

However, as with all gadgets, there come some hiccups with daily use. In the Mr. Coffee Machine, one of these hiccup is the “Flashing Clean” light built into the machine.

This light is designed to flash and let the user know when the machine needs to be cleaned. Sometimes, it ends up flashing even when the machine seems pretty clean. So how can you get it to turn off?

There’s just a few easy steps you need to follow- read on to find out!

Clean Your Machine Daily


In order to prevent getting the flashing clean light stuck, it’s important to wash your Mr. Coffee machine daily.

To do so, first make sure the machine is unplugged. Then, take warm, soapy water and a cloth and wash the parts of the machine one by one. You’ll clean the lid, spout, and body of the machine. This is gentler than running under the sink. Take out the filter basket and watch it with a sponge.

Leave everything to air dry naturally for an hour before putting it back together.

Do a Deep Clean


If you’re cleaning regularly and the light is still flashing, it’s time for a deep clean.

In order to deep clean the Mr. Coffee machine, you’ll want to use one of the most natural and effective cleaners: white vinegar.

First, make a mixture of half vinegar, half water, and wipe down the machine with the mixture, as you do regularly with soap and water.

Next, you’ll move on to cleaning the inside of the machine. To do so, load the machine with a filter like normal. Then, place four cups of white vinegar where the water should go in the machine. Press the select button until you hit wash mode, and press start.

The machine will run the vinegar through itself, thoroughly cleaning it’s insides. When you’re done, discard the filter and the water, and then do the same wash but with plain water instead of vinegar to get rid of the vinegar smell. Tada! A sparkling clean machine.


When you see that flashing clean button, don’t fear, just know it’s time for a simple wash and you’ll be back to brewing in no time.

If you have any more questions about cleaning your coffee machine, please let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to help you out as best we can.