How to Like Black Coffee

How to Like Black Coffee

Beautiful coffee comes in many shapes and sizes, but to many coffee aficionados, the essence of coffee remains in its black form.

Black coffee is essentially coffee without any milk, cream, or any other dairy substitutes.

Sometimes, it also needs to be sugar-less to be truly black.

Black coffee has gotten the stereotype of being bitter and generally worse than coffee with added milk or sugar, but when done right, it could truly be magic in a cup.

And there is hope to liking black coffee if you don’t now!

You might be making the switch for dieting reasons, you’re feeling more sophisticated, or generally because you’re getting to know the benefits of black coffee over its counterparts.

Whatever it is, we’re here to tell you how to start enjoying black coffee!

Why Make The Switch to Black Coffee


Drinking any type of coffee in moderation has proved to have many health benefits like promoting weight loss, lowering the risk of certain diseases, and fighting depression.

But you might guess that having it black is healthier for you than drinking it with milk and sugar, and here’s few reasons why.

  • Has Fewer Calories

    Although drinking any type of coffee promotes weight loss, having your coffee black without adding any cream or sugar takes that to its truest meaning.

    When you drink black coffee, you consume virtually no carbs and fats, and basically less than 5 calories.

  • No Dairy Products

    If you’re lactose intolerant, having your coffee black is the perfect way to go about it.

    You also generally won’t need any dairy additives, so you can still have your morning fuel even if you wake up and get surprised that you’re out of milk!

  • Enhances the Flavor of Coffee

    There is a lot of science that goes behind the roasting and brewing processes that make a cup of coffee in its truest form.

    Drinking black coffee will mean you’re drinking it how it’s intended to be drunk, so you’ll experience the coffee for what it actually is!

How to Get Yourself to Start Enjoying Black Coffee


  • Gradually Reduce Cream, Sugar, or Milk

    The best way to get to the point where you genuinely enjoy black coffee is to slowly wean off how much milk, sugar, or cream you add to it.

    Just add a bit less every day so you can ease yourself into the strong taste of black coffee.

  • Try Different Coffees

    The world of coffee is endless: you can experiment with the type of beans, blend, or roast.

    Different types of coffee taste distinctly different, so you could try going for a single origin if you want to experience the vibrance of black coffee as an introduction to the drink.

    You could even go for something that is naturally creamy and sweet, even for black coffee. You’ll do this by experimenting, but you’ll find black coffee made using Arabica beans best brings those flavors out!

    Lighter roasts compared to dark ones are also mellower and softer, and don’t tend to be as bitter.

    You can also experiment with different brewing methods.

    Depending on how you’ll brew your coffee, different flavors are extracted uniquely. If you’ve tried drip coffee but didn’t like it, you could try switching to French press, for example.

  • Buy Fresh Coffee

    Fresh coffee means coffee that still has its flavors retained and intact.

    If you’ve ever tried black coffee from a grocery store, or even got it at a coffee shop and didn’t like it, it could be because it was stale.

    Stale coffee, even if we didn’t know it, is the most common reason why people choose to add cream and sugar to their coffee.

    Buying fresh coffee will ensure you’ll try your coffee at its best, highest quality.

    And also, here’s a little tip: grinding your own coffee beans can insanely enhance the flavor of your coffee!


Don’t lose hope: black coffee might be an acquired taste, but you can definitely train your taste buds to enjoy it.

It’s one of those things that are very differently experienced when at their purest form, so once you truly begin to enjoy black coffee.

And now that you know the different things you can try on your journey to enjoying this drink, you can take all the time you need to experiment however and as much as you want.

Happy coffee drinking!