How Many Ounces In A Coffee Cup?

How Many Ounces In A Coffee Cup?

For a huge chunk of the population, there is nothing better to start your morning than a good cup of coffee. Its one of life’s simple pleasures to brew a fresh cup and allow the fresh aroma to spread through the kitchen. But, did you know that each coffee has a designated coffee cup? Yes, they do! A true coffee connoisseur understands the importance of the appropriate cup to a particular coffee, to derive maximum enjoyment from their coffee. So, if you are a coffee beginner, or looking to enhance your coffee ritual, I have put together this article to explore the different types of cups and coffee pairings.

Coffee Size Menu

From an oversized latte to an espresso shot, there are plenty of coffee serving sizes to get your coffee dose. Depending on the type of coffee, time of day and company, you may choose a different mug type to best suit the occasion.

Let’s have a look at the mug menu, shall we?


  • Espresso (2 to 3 oz)
  • Cappuccino (5 to 6 oz)
  • Classic (8 to 15 oz)
  • Latte (11 – 15 oz)
  • Oversized mug (20 to 25 oz)
  • Oversized Latte (20 to 25 oz)
  • Travel Tumbler (15 to 20 oz)
  • Travel Mug (15 to 20 oz)

The Standard Coffee Mugs

From a large coffee chain like Starbucks, to a local family-owned coffee shop – there is a general standard for coffee mugs for every coffee type. A common coffee drinker would usually select a coffee mug anywhere between 8 to 10 ounces to get their coffee, or may graduate to 11 – 15 ounces is they a serious caffeine drinker.
That being said, the coffee size usually depends on the coffee drink that is ordered. Lets have a look at the most common standard drinks, and what it means to their mug size.

The Espresso Cups


The espresso acts as a base to most specialty coffee, for example a fancy almost milk latte begins with a simple shot of espresso in it. The usually come in 60ml to 89ml, very similar to the size of a small shot glass. The shot cups, also known as demitasse, are narrow at the base and wide at the rim to concentrate the flavor and bring the aromas up to your nose.
They are best for a shot of espresso – the quickest coffee fix on any menu.



The cappuccino cups are almost twice the size of an espresso, approximately 160ml in size. The rims of these cups are quire wide to allow the coffee flavor to remain prominent, along with the silky smooth and creamy texture from the milk. Most cappuccino cups come with a matching saucer plate, to make it both charming and traditional.
A cappuccino is made with equal parts of espresso and milk.

Latte Mug


If you have ever seen those fancy leaf or other designs on top of coffee, it is most likely a latte mug. The latte is served in a wide bowl-shaped cup that can hold up to approximately 443ml of coffee in it. This cup size is perfect for adding other extras like coffee flavor, plant-based milk and showing off some picture worthy art.
Latte mug can also be used for tea or soup!

The Oversized Mugs

If you are a more senior coffee drinker, and demand more quantity of coffee or caffeine in your drink – you may have to look for a larger cup. The oversized mugs can even used for snacks, soups or even serving bowls at casual dinner parties.

Oversized Classic Mug


The normal cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it for you, and you aren’t a fan of getting up for refills. The oversized classic coffee mug can hold up to 20 to 25 ounces, to start your day with as strong caffeine boost.

Oversized Latte Mug


You have a big game coming up or celebrating an anniversary – it is time to pull out the oversized latte mugs to fill it with delicious finger snacks for the evening. These mugs can also be used as small canvases, having familiar family photos or inspiring quotes printed on them and kept to be seen on a shelf.
Having a fully filled cup of coffee in one sitting from an oversized latte mug on a regular bases is not advisable! That may be just too much caffeine and could lead to health complications.

Travel Mugs


Although this type of coffee mug probably needs to be in a category of their own, they come close to the oversized mug sizes at 15 to 20 ounces. These mugs usually come with a handle and can easily fit into your car cup holder. Its most suitable for people carrying taking their coffee to go, sipping it on their way to work.
These travel mugs can come in various colors/styles and can also be customized to your personal designs or photos!

Specialized Mugs

So far, we have had a look at the most general types of coffee mugs. For a coffee aficionado, the significance of the coffee holding instrument can go even further. Similar to how a chef’s food presentation is part of the dish, the following glasses are part of the coffee order.

The Cortado Glass


At approximately 135ml in size, the cortado is a new face in the coffee world. They originated from Blue bottle Café in San Francisco where Gibraltar tumblers were used for the drink. There is a good international reception to this glass style as they seem to be appearing on menus in the US, Europe and Japan.

The Irish Coffee Glass


At approximately 250ml in size, the Irish coffee glass is made from thin glass and has a short stem which elevates the drink. The glass is clear giving the drinker a visual service of the beautifully layered coffee and cream. Although there are different versions to the coffee class, the most common are very similar to a stout wine glass.

The Turkish Coffee Cup


Very similar to an espresso cup, the Turkish coffee cup holds about 75ml of coffee. Since Turkish coffee, also referred to as ibrik or cezve, are much higher in temperature compared to espresso, the Turkish coffee cup is made of porcelain. It is also designed with the right level of thickness so the coffee can be enjoyed for a longer time.


Each type of coffee is best enjoyed in the cup that its specifically designed for. From the style, design, utility and of course your coffee need – I hope this article has helped you to find your best cup. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below!