Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee

Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee

Are you out of your regular creamer or full fat milk or are you simply looking to elevate your coffee making game? Heavy whipping cream might be your secret weapon.

We aren’t talking squirty cream on top of your joe a la starbucks but a more refined version that’ll leave you with a frothy and smooth coffee with a subtle sweetness.

What Exactly Is Heavy Whipping Cream and How Will It Help My Coffee?


Heavy whipping cream is the fattiest portion of whole milk derived from separating the upper portion of milk from the lower as the fat rises to the top of the milk. Heavy whipping cream is a heft 40% fat which also helps to ease digestion in drinking coffee which is a problem for many.

The fat content of heavy whipping cream not only soothes your stomach but also any residual bitterness in flavour that comes from a more acidic and perhaps over-roasted bean.

Most of us aren’t a fan of plentiful sweetness in our coffee and opt for a less saccharine flavour which heavy whipping cream provides in buckets. It’s subtle creamy sweetness will easily elevate any cup of coffee without making your blood sugar skyrocket.

Isn’t Heavy Whipping Cream Unhealthy?


We aren’t suggesting that you go glugging down heavy whipping cream by the boatload every morning which indeed would put you on the way to a heart attack but simply adding a few tablespoons to your coffee each day won’t do much harm at all; In fact it may do less harm than your creamer chock full of additives and sweeteners.

Heavy whipping cream is actually full of various vitamins and minerals as well as choline which helps to stabilise your metabolism and encourage DNA synthesis amongst other things.

Granted there is a rather high fat content in heavy whipping cream but you have to get them somewhere and a relatively whole food like heavy whipping cream won’t do you harm in moderation.

How Do I Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?


By all means whip some up and dump it on your coffee as you like, whipping cream is delicious after all, but we prefer a little more regal concoction.

Begin by making your coffee as you regularly would whilst heating your allotted amount of heavy whipping cream. Slowly whisk it whilst it’s cooking to aerate and thicken it slightly before adding it to your coffee as you would creamer.

For more professional coffee beverages you are welcome to heat and froth as guided and use this slightly thicker heavy cream in place of “milk froth” should you not have a steamer of frother in your home.


Heavy whipping cream is a rather underrated contender in the at home coffee making market which is surprising considering it's availability, flavour and frothing abilities.

We highly recommend that you liven up your morning coffee routine by adding a little smooth whipping cream as you would milk or creamer; and if you’re feeling like you want to be your local at home barista then go ahead and froth some to use in place of the oh so important “milk froth” in many of your favourite coffee beverages.